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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Testimonials

I feel wonderful...I can breathe...that worry is anxiety and depression have subsided.  My eating disorder is mute.  That warm, loving feeling is always with me, giving me a boost.  I sleep so much better now and my husband can see that!  I am loving the way I feel.  I have been listening to my session recording and meditating and have noticed a big difference.....J. S., Airdrie, Alberta

I will never forget the hours I spent with Heather in a regression session. There's something about the immersion of the therapy that allows for deep and rich exploration of personal issues. She is the perfect guide, with a wealth of professional experience and a warm, wise healing manner. I have only begun to explore the issues raised in that session, but I know I tapped into a very rich and deep vein of my own wisdom, thanks to my time with Heather...... Michele DeLuca (author), Grand Island, New York

Thank you for changing my life. After my session, my husband said I had colour in my face and that it didn't look so drawn. My counsellor said I looked 10 years younger. It's amazing. My blood sugars are right in line now and the aches aren't as bad. I can never thank you enough for the transformation. I am looking forward to progressing to my higher self in the next few weeks...... J.H., Magrath, Alberta 

It's amazing how in just 2 days I can already see a difference within my self. I never knew what being calm and at peace felt like. This feeling is so surreal,...I am free, yet so grounded. That was with only 5 hours of QHHT healing. I can only imagine the tremendous things you do for people. You are truly an inspiration to me. Once again thank you for being the light at the end of my tunnel...... A.S., Calgary, Alberta

Heather is a wonderful soul and a gifted communicator! She effortlessly facilitated our meeting and made 8 hours fly past like it was nothing. The experience I felt while being hypnotized was truly extraordinary! I highly recommend her therapy. There are so many things that came up for me in this session. Listening to my voice really gives me clarity as to how I really appear in the world. Heather, you did a wonderful job! And I appreciate more and more the benefits of your session...... G.G., Virden, Manitoba

How to begin? I had been through so much trauma in my teens and early adult life that I was beside myself, just going through the motions.  I was sexually assaulted by strangers and boyfriends multiple times since my early teens and early twenties and by the time I was 18 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  The last time, the ER doctor did a rape assessment announcing "I can see the weakness in you, and your attackers can see it too. I can tell this isn't the first time, nor is it the last time this will happen." That was rock bottom for me. With many forms of "therapy" with no solutions and a diagnosis of MS by the age of 18, a friend of my mother's referred me to Heather. My first session was very emotional. I opened up about some traumas in my life that I had never vocalized to another human being in such a raw and uninhibited fashion before. I had been to many counselling sessions and even a hypnosis session, but in none of those did I feel safe like I felt with Heather. My abuses had followed me around since I was a young teenager, and the ugly situation that caused so much negativity in my body just kept following me around, rearing it's ugly head again and again and again. With Heather, I went through 3 sessions delving into my subconscious. I was happier, brighter and cheerier. I hadn't been that person in a while. My classmates noticed. They were all so amazed at my positivity and loving heart. On the way back from my last QHHT session where we had done healing on my left eye (it had been getting progressively worse over the years), I was curious and shut my right eye. I could actually read a sign as I passed it on my drive home. I thought it must be a fluke but as I kept trying to read things, I had to pull over as I burst into tears. I hadn't been able to read anything with that eye for years! I texted Heather right away. But the real surprise came just today.  A few months ago, my doctor told me I should start medication (I resisted) and that he'd see me in 4 months. This time, however, he was stumped. My vision had actually improved! It was noticeably better!  He couldn't explain it (but I know QHHT can!).  He said things are looking up and that he'd see me in a year. There's  one word I can say to describe what Heather has helped me accomplish:  peace. I am truly blessed. I had been so hurt so many times.  I held onto the negativity of those circumstances so fiercely that I literally poisoned myself with them. Letting go and forgiving was the only way to heal, and with Heather and the help of my subconscious, I've started that healing process.  After my first session on Heather's sofabed I already felt a sense of calm, but it wasn't til the last session that I really saw a change and nothing short of a miracle.............M.L., Lethbridge, Alberta

 Since our QHHT session almost one month ago, the hip pain which I've had for the last 35+ years has gradually dissolved. Other issues have come up to be released and healed. Since acknowledging and releasing two significant head/face injuries, my face has become much more symmetrical and more open looking. It seems that whatever healing work I receive has become 100 times more effective. Thank you. I know my Higher Self guided me to you, and I'm very grateful for that. ..... D.W., Calgary, Alberta

QHHT was a wonderful, life changing experience! Heather creates such a warm, open environment where you can’t wait to discover your Self. She is so excited about the positive life changing impact QHHT will have on your life and you feel the love waiting to embrace you throughout the experience. I’m so thankful I found Heather through the Dolores Cannon website. My husband & I both had sessions with her and feel profoundly different. Thanks, Heather, for sharing your excitement and passion for enlightened wholeness!..... S.S. and F.S., Canmore, Alberta

I found Heather while searching for a practitioner trained in QHHT hypnosis. There were several in Southern Alberta but her warm smile and background in nursing attracted me.  Heather is very gifted at helping you feel comfortable, to freely communicate and get to the root cause of your pain. The environment that she provides truly feels like a holistic retreat.  I totally recommend anyone considering hypnosis to visit Heather for QHHT. You will come away knowing it was a positive experience...... L. D., Lethbridge, Alberta

Every day I am discovering bits of the new times it is so subtle and I am pleasantly surprised...other times I'm like WOW, who is

this new gal...I can't believe this is me and it's been amazing and awesome! I am so grateful to you

for helping me get "unstuck"...... S.T., Lethbridge, Alberta

I have been in Phoenix for cancer treatment and I got awesome news.  I am in remission. My physicians said whatever I am doing just keep doing it.  I know just listening to my body and also all the messages I have been receiving have definitely played a role in my healing. QHHT has just been a most inspiring and awesome journey for self-discovery. ................. C. K., Taber, Alberta

Anyone who is interested in a QHHT session, please say yes, you will not regret it. Heather’s dedication to helping you connect with your higher self is genuine as is her intuitive nature. With Heather guiding you, you are in the most caring hands! My Higher Self was there to show me just what I needed to see and to set the record straight on an issue or two. I was given reassurance and answers to questions that were so important to me. I also received a wonderful peaceful healing which I continue at home. This hypnosis session touches you on many levels. Open your heart and enjoy a new experience like no other...... B.T., Stettler, Alberta

Thank you for your help in grounding me. I found the QHHT process to be immensely beneficial to my journey in this life. It was a rare pleasure to meet you and have you validate my experiences with energy. In the past, these "feelings" have led to confusion and frustration in relation to my place and function in this time - to the point of questioning my sanity. I now realize that everything is as it should be. My Subconscious has the ability to guide and foster my relationship with myself and the Great Spirit.  My faith has been renewed. I now understand that healing energy is mine to enjoy at will. My NOW is to nurture peace and love and that is enough. Trust in myself and my spiritual progress has grown considerably. I m now centered and connected...... B.H., Victoria, British Columbia

To be honest, the thought of hypnotherapy would normally have me heading for the hills. But there was something about Heather and the way she approached her work that made it feel “ok”. The transpersonal hypnotherapy process is hard to describe. You are very aware through the whole process, like watching a movie directed by you and starring you. You are moved by the scenes, bringing forth a whole spectrum of emotions as Heather skillfully guides you through a journey of self-discovery. Since my session, I have noticed subtle changes in myself. I am more kind and forgiving. I am more cognizant of situations that have repeated themselves in my life, recognizing the pattern and the common denominator. Many of us ask “Why do I always attract this?” After a session like this, you understand exactly why...... J. V. K., Lethbridge, Alberta

Through my QHHT session, I discovered an inner young woman who had been raised so alone that at the end of her life the closest thing she had to marriage was the set of over-size wedding rings from her dead mother. The journey to discover this young woman took me to the early 1900’s where both horse and carriage and little protection of the law resided. After the 5-hour QHHT session (which felt like 2!), I slept very well and wondered where its results would show up. It has now been two months and this young woman shows up in my psyche when I make the decision to stay alone rather than do something with others. My “hermitness” has been such a powerful force in my life, but now that I have that inner young woman to remind me, I realize that the isolation I sometimes experience is not birthed in the present and therefore does not have to be answered in the same way...... L.L., Raymond, Alberta

I feel pretty darn good! I feel a sense of peace. I feel I can accept some of my experiences when
I see them as contracts and that their time has come to an end...... M. M., Lethbridge, Alberta

My session with you was one of the most peaceful and transforming experiences of my life. I learned a lot about myself that day. I feel a sense of peace and a 'knowing' that I can get through anything. I feel better, not just emotionally but physically too. Since our session, I have had no migraines or neck tightness. I even cancelled my chiropractic appointment. I feel amazing. Thank you, Heather, for helping me on my journey. I am thankful everyday that I have met you! You are truly a blessing...... T. K., Lethbridge, Alberta

My transpersonal session was very revealing with regard to my deep passions and interests.  I am deeply grateful as I believe it was the gateway to my inner, true self.  Our thoughts, ideas, and underlying experiences are what we unknowingly bring with us through each lifetime.  As we discover ourselves, we become more comfortable with the roles we have in contributing to others and to society.  This can only be achieved by looking into our own mirror and by avoiding concentrating on the inadequacies and flaws in others.  QHHT is a valuable tool that opens our hearts, minds and souls, gifting us with inner peace, understanding, and an ability to enjoy life to the fullest...... I.F., Fort Macleod, Alberta

In the middle of the night, it became clear to me why I have had a fear of being abandoned! It helps to know where the fear comes from. I was always unsure why I had it and I knew it wasn't entirely rational. Last night, I had a dream. I woke up at about 2:45 a.m. with a very clearly understanding of Christ Consciousness, the suffering involved to crack one's heart open like that, and how love can flow independent of experiences, as a force much larger than us all. These days, because of QHHT, I'm getting along with myself a lot more...... A. S., Texas, USA

Since my QHHT session, things are going great!  You are truly an earth angel.  I hope my testimonial inspires others to have their own healing! Thank you once again for the gift. May you continue to experience healing miracles, love and light!..... L.T., Lethbridge, Alberta

 I am feeling way better. I catch myself smiling. I feel like I understand things better and I no longer have anxiety. I'm actually buying my friend flowers for sending me in your direction just as a thank you. I'm so happy. Everything makes sense. Thank you......M.D., Lethbridge, Alberta

I had been spinning my wheels with a couple of issues for a few months before I contacted Heather for a QHHT session. Emotional issues had resurfaced following the death of someone I had once been close to. My logical mind had gone over the landscape so often that the ruts were deep. I needed clarity and it was obvious to me that I had to do something differently to glean fresh insights.   I am pleased to say that my session with Heather did exactly that. The issues I had been so focused on no longer occupy my mind. My subconscious provided me with nuggets of wisdom and I have been able to let go of my worries. I have also gained additional benefits from listening to my QHHTsession CD once a week. Each time I listen, I hear the wise messages again and the healing deepens......C.Z., Lethbridge, Alberta 

Here on the prairie we use the elements to keep us in tune with the grass beneath our feet. The wind, the rain, the sun all remind us of the simplicity of life. But sometimes life gets complicated and we go searching for answers. On a cold windy day I arrived on Heather's door step, full of fear and anxiety. I immediately felt safe with Heather - it was like visiting an old friend. I knew instinctively that I would be okay. The next 7 hours changed my life. My QHHT session was filled with emotions and memories long forgotten - I came away with strength, wisdom, compassion and caring, and at peace with myself for the first time in a very long time. I caught a glimpse of my soul naked and I was very pleased. I was able to address some very difficult situations from my past and then let them go. It is as if my moral compass has been reset so that I can live for today with myself in comfort and in harmony. I can ground myself to the earth beneath me and return to my prairie roots knowing that all is well in my corner of the universe. Thank you Heather - without your help through QHHT this would not have been possible......B.A., Swift Current, Saskatchewan

I had a comfortable night with no pain for the first time in months.  I slept all through the night. This morning, I feel very relaxed.  I know to ask God and all will be taken care of for me...... J. M., Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

I have had an overall improvement in my health. My anxiety is gone. My craving for sugar rarely occurs and when it does I remember the suggestion made by my Subconscious. Fibromyalgia pain and heartburn have diminished greatly. I listen to the recording of our QHHT session. I thank you from the bottom of my heart...... H. H., Victoria, British Columbia

Choosing the spiritual path has been a painful journey.  The highs of peace and balance have been joyful.  The lows, heartwrenching. Feeling dissatisfied, lonely, resentful and just plain grumpy, I asked my spirit guides for a sign, some indication that things were okay.  Then, I was gifted Heather Gunn and QHHT.  Heather was exactly the person I needed in my life.  As Heather guided me through QHHT, I was able to tell my stories, express my doubts and ask my questions.  She skillfully and gently led me to a place that allowed me to reconnect with my soul contract. I am now mind feels settled and I have complete clarity about who I am.  My life makes sense to me.  I realize that my place in the Universe has been well-orchestrated and I wonder how I could have navigated my life without remembering my soul contract. My newly-settled state of being is making it so much easier to control my thoughts - my monkey mind - in order to stay within the present moment.  I am becoming the person I actually chose to be prior to my birth, within a new context of genuine personal power.  I owe this to Heather and to QHHT and I thank you...... C. C., Fort Macleod, Alberta

QHHT is exactly what I had been searching for in my healing journey. At times in my life I was depressed, unhappy and not at peace and unable to put my finger on why. Afterall, I had two beautiful children, a loving husband, and a beautiful life. If you have ever asked yourself who am I , what was I meant to do in this lifetime or what would truly make me happy, then have a QHHT session with Heather. She creates a warm, open environment and I am so happy I decided to have one. I realized that I was holding onto past life trauma, and I was able to realize what was holding me back from peace and harmony in my life. What was revealed in my QHHT session made sense. Wow! Heather is such an amazing, caring person and truly has a gift to help people on their healing journey. Thank you for helping me......C. T., Lethbridge, Alberta

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